Bo's Story

Ryan's skill and insight have been incredible and have changed the dynamics of the relationship with our dog. We have a 2-year-old Rottweiler who was pulling from the moment we walked out of the house. He pulled everyone down at least once trying to chase squirrels. Within a few weeks, he was like a different dog. Ryan helped me understand how to effectively communicate with Bo. Within 5 weeks, I was getting unsolicited comments when on walks about how well behaved Bo is. Everyone walks him now with total confidence and walks are fun again. We can take him literally anywhere without worrying about how he will behave.
Baltimore County

Penny's Story

I’d highly recommend B’more Dogs Hon. Working with Kiki has been a wonderful experience. Her extensive experience helps you understand what is really needed for your dog. The one on one sessions were great for Penny and myself. I was able to text Kiki with videos between training days. She was very helpful in making corrections if needed. Penny and I now have more confidence, thanks to Kiki’s training! I learned a lot as a dog owner and I’m so glad I was guided by Kiki. I’m so, so pleased with Penny’s progress after our 7 training sessions!
Baltimore, MD

Lincoln's Story

Ryan trained our Lab Lincoln who was also a rescue. His background from what we know was not a happy life. His previous owner did not believe in letting dogs dwell inside so he was banished to a life of living outdoors. In a very short time Ryan left us with many tools to use getting Lincoln to obey commands, walk well on a leash and to not go pottie while indoors. I highly recommend him for any help you may need with your dogs.
Demetrius P
Baltimore, MD
"What made me look for training is my dog aggressive Boxer. I had owned him since 7weeks of age and raised him for 3 years with limited dog interaction aside from his brother; I lived with his bad behavior toward other dogs for 3 years. It wasn’t until moving to my new home that his behavior escalated and an incident with a neighborhood dog made me realize something more had to be done. We needed professional help. What this training system provided me are the tools to respect and trust. Only when he knew that there was no reason to be fearful in new situations, did he stop deflecting onto strange dogs he encountered. The trainers are highly skilled, down to earth, and devoted to dogs. Kiki was a blast to work with. We practically had a personalized trainer in her, was always happy to answer questions before and after class. She took a particular shining to our dog from the very beginning saw the potential in him to meet the goals we had set. We were worried that he was to set in his ways at his age to change. She made it clear to us that if we put in the time and effort to training, we would get results. She was absolutely correct. That said, you have to do the work. The human is the one that must change in order to see a transformation in their dog. An aggressive or unruly dog could potentially face euthanasia and the sad truth is some dogs meet such a fate, due to no fault of their own. They are committed and want to see you succeed. I would highly recommend."
"This is kilo and tiger lying next to each other after some obedience and running around playing together. Tiger came to us with uncontrollable excitement while playing with other dogs and out of control "zummies" in the house. He is just a high energy Pup that needed a little communication skills on how to behave with other dogs."
"I couldn't be happier My 3 year old Rottweiler just graduated the basic obedience program and I must say that he is a completely different dog. I am much happier as an owner, and he is much happier as a pet. The Training Director Kiki is super knowledgable and really knows how to help you and your dog understand each other!"
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