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Ryan Himes has been around dog training his entire life. At age 9 he competed with his first dog Bri. Obtaining various titles in both AKC and IPO (Schutzhund). 20 years of training experience, Ryan is now a trainer specializing in aggression, foundation, puppy and advanced obedience. In his free time, he enjoys training his own dogs Nyla, Nash and Tarot. He is always looking for ways to improve his training skills to ensure his clients receive the best results possible with their dogs. 

About B'More Dogs Hon

Creating happiness and communication between you and your canine companion

At B’More Dogs Hon, we believe in the special value of the relationship between humans and dogs. We empower our customers to communicate with their companion, strengthen the bond and experience the joy of having a well-behaved and happier dog.

We offer a range of dog training services from private lessons to groups and even board & train. Our methodology helps owners and their dogs develop a stronger bond – building a relationship based on trust and clear communication.

Our balanced approach helps you better understand your dog and helps your dog understand what you expect of them. We customize a training plan based on your dog and your needs.

We will solve any dog training problem for any age or breed. Connect with us today and discover the good dog you’ve always had.

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