Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere without unwanted behaviors, walk on a loose leash, come when called, and have him/her attentive to you both in and outside your home. Guess what? Not only will you be happier, but your dog will be too.

All programs are 100% customizable including days & times and what you want your dog to learn.

Hybrid Basic Obedience

In this program the dog is guaranteed to learn these 6 commands: come, sit, down, heel, stay and place. The first 5 sessions will be private to help you gain control and start the process of the obedience then the last 5 will be in a group setting so your dog learns to listen no matter what is going on around them. You can expect your session to be about 30-45 minutes long and we will meet once a week at your best day and time for training.

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board and training

Board & Train


Your dog stays with our trainer in their home and learns come, sit, down, heel, stay, place on and off leash, recall as well as crate training. The program is 3-4 weeks long & we keep you updated with your dogs progress the entire time. Once your dog is ready to go home we teach you all you need to know and you get two follow up sessions to make sure they are listening to you once they leave!

aggression training

Aggression Rehabilitation

10 Sessions

10 sessions to help you learn your dog’s body language as well as teaching them to be neutral in any and all situations. In this program the dog will learn come, sit, down, heel, stay and place. You have the option to do all 10 as private sessions or choose our hybrid option.

puppy training

Puppy Head Start

Setting your dog up for success starts from the moment you bring them home! Let us help you teach your new best friend the ropes of the world through interactive play to help build confidence, socialization skills, and the beginning stages of obedience.

Communication is the KEY to a happy companion for life.

Does your dog jump on people he greets? Drags you down the street when you just want a leisurely walk? Does he/she act aggressive in certain situations?  Have you just about given up taking Rover outside your home?

You need to learn to communicate with your dog. Keep in mind, he probably tunes out most of what you say. Let’s face it, we have conversations on the phone or with other people all the time that have nothing to do with him. 

Just like people, every dog has strengths, abilities, and weaknesses. They can’t verbalize fear, stress, happiness, or uncertainty. But even though they have no way to speak to you about what they are feeling or need, you can learn to understand their language.

Dog training will give you a lifetime of joy with your companion.

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